Half Ball Balance Trainer

Half Ball Balance Trainer

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The Half Ball Balance Trainer's unique design makes it perfect for personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, balance, core workouts and boot camp workouts.

  • HALF BALL BALANCE TRAINER DESIGNED BY SPORTS EXPERTS FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Made from excellent quality materials and designed by TOP FITNESS EXPERTS, this innovative workout accessory will tremendously improve your coordination, body awareness, muscle strength and flexibility and deliver fast, mind-blowing results.
  • SLIP RESISTANT: Stand, jump, kneel, or even lay on this incredible balance training tool, and challenge every part of your body safely. Being 100% SLIP RESISTANT, this is the ideal workout gear for everyone; from professional ATHLETES to REHAB PATIENTS and elders doing their FALL PREVENTION training.
  • DUAL ACTION HAND PUMP: The QUICKEST, SAFEST and MOST EFFORTLESS way to pump up your Balance Ball and get down to some serious fitness action right away.
  • COOL WORKOUT GUIDE INCLUDED: With this Balance Trainer you will also receive a FREE, AWESOME WORKOUT GUIDE with priceless advice for both beginners and advanced practitioners.


  • Supports 250lbs. 
  • Bearing: 200KG
  • Weight: 5.5KG
  • Diameter: 58CM


1x Half Ball Balance Trainer
With Balance Trainer & Pump

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