Animal Bite Cable Protectors

Animal Bite Cable Protectors

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Are you TIRED of fiddling around with your charging cable in attempt to find that perfect angle that will charge your phone?

No MATTER what you do, phone charging cables don't LAST and the cost of needing to constantly replace them ADDS up!

These awesome animal cable bites protect the most vulnerable part of your phone's charging cable! They appear as if they are biting the phone while charging!


  • Made from Silicone, Animal Bites are soft to the touch yet firm enough to prevent the charging cable from deforming
  • It is able to slip onto any cable easily with its flexibledesign
  • Unique design also allows these protectors to work on phones with cases
  • Protects the most vulnerable part of a charging cable ensuring long term health of your cable 
  • We offer it in a wide variety of animals appealing to each unique individual
Simply push the cable into the bite and move the bite forward towards the connector.


Not only do they look cool when you plug it in your phone, they serve a purpose to ensure the long life of your cables saving you time, effort and money! Never miss out on a single charge again!

With these animal bites, you'll be getting a lot of attention so get ready to share a laugh with whoever you meet no matter where you go! 

Material Type: Silicone
Dimensions: 0.75 in x 0.75 in x 1.5 in
Fits: All iPhone Lightning/Android/USB C cables


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